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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 11

Greetings Scholars. As you may or may not know, the quarter ends next Friday and that means report cards are just around the corner. Please continue to work hard till the end and inch your grade up a couple crucial points over the next 5 days.

Precalculus will be reviewing polynomials with an emphasis on wedding algebra with technology. Please bring your graphing calculators with you and be prepared to use them alongside algebraic methods. I have included the powerpoints for the week below as well as the homework. The homework is due in two weeks (November 12th). Please don't get behind :)

Powerpoints (Start with 3.1):

Here is a so that you can preview and progress through the homework at your own pace!


Algebra II will be be applying systems of equations in both real-world scenarios as well as interesting mathematical ones. Each day as we work through word problems together, I will post our class examples below. I will post the classwork as thumbnails and the screenshots from the smartboard as embedded pdf files.

Guess and Check:




*Special thanks to the University of Houston math department and the Arlington Algebra Project for the great materials they have designed.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Week 10

The coming week has an old favorite coming back to Algebra II: Systems of Equations. We are going to quickly review the methods that can be used to solve systems of equations and move forward to conquering the typical SAT and college placement exam questions that deal with systems. Please find the notes and homework for Algebra II below. The first two embedded documents are especially crucial conceptually--please review them carefully.

3 Cases for Solutions of Systems of Questions:

3 Methods for Solving Systems of Equations



Likewise, Precalculus is returning for the front end of the week to a familiar topic. We are going to address, directly and for the last time, exponent rules and nth roots. Please find the notes and homework below. Friday, we will start our review of polynomials via graphical investigations.

Laws of Exponents:



Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 9

The quarter is winding down and another test is coming next week. This is likely the final test of the first marking period for both classes so please study, practice, seek help, and put your best foot forward in the coming week.

For Algebra II the exam will be on linear functions, primarily, and with some review topics from exponents and functions. The homework for this week leans on the problem-solving aspect of the exam and is based on problem sets from the book.

Algebra II CP Homework:
pp. 29-30 4-8, 14-50 evens (total of 21 problems)
pp. 37-39 8-30 (total of 22 problems)
p. 61 1-3, 7-8, 9-19, 23-25, 32-34 (total of 22 problems)
pp. 71-73 2-58 evens (total of 28 problems)
pp. 86-87 4-62 evens (total of 29 problems)

Algebra II H Homework
p. 51 all
pp. 61-62 18-34 evens, 35-37, 46-53
pp. 72-73 16-56 evens
pp. 78-79 4-60 all
pp. 260-262 2-72 evens

In class we are continuing with the meaning of linear functions, revisiting consecutive integers, modeling with linear functions, and just plain more solving word problems:

Meaning of Linear Functions Do Nows

Consecutive Integers

Modeling with Linear Functions

More Linear Word Problems

Lines of Best Fit

The precalculus exam will focus on the basics of matrices, including the following: basic operations, determinants, and inverses. In addition, students will apply these basic operations in solving systems of equations.

Precalculus Homework:
pp. 71-72 #11-45
pp. 76-77 #8-27
pp. 83-84 #15-54

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 8

Exciting times in both classes this coming week as we move toward application of problems in context. Algebra II will be doing "traditional" math application problems that involve lines, specifically distance vs. time graphs, as well as some non-traditional interpretation of linear functions. Precalculus will be applying matrices to solve linear systems of varying size with an emphasis on use of technology for systems that contain 4 or more variables.


TI Matrix info sheet:


Algebra II:
Class Examples of Word Problems:

Focus on Consecutive Integer Word Problems:

Meaning and Linear Functions:

Video links for word problem types:
Mixture Problems
Investment Problems