The Official SAT Question of the Day



I am a high school math teacher at Boston Collegiate Charter School in Boston, MA. Prior to teaching here I was a math teacher at Abraham Lincoln High School in Philadelphia, PA, and before that a theologian/minister/test-maker. A varied road, but I am now in my 10th year of teaching and have grown to enjoy the challenge and joy of the craft. This blog is an effort to increase, modify, and transform my interface with students and how they learn. I am always looking for ways to improve so I welcome comments and e-mails!

This blog is intended for all and is indebted to many. Much of what is posted here I have found from hardworking people all over the world. A great deal of the content is from the large online resources produced by the University of Houston, Peter Falzone's online office, Henrico County Math Pages, and the Arlington Algebra Project to name only a few. So, thank you and my students benefit from your excellent documents, projects, and presentations.

I don't know where the blog is headed, but I look forward to making it increasingly relevant to students. Stay tuned!


Mr. B.