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Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Learning

Why summer packets? I'm glad you asked. Every summer students lose ground in both reading and mathematics, especially among students in less affluent households. These packets (taken from supplementary materials associated with our Algebra textbook) are to serve as one way we to keep you mentally active over the summer and to help you retain what you have learned. Click the tab for the packet that pertains to you!

In addition, I hope that you all will take advantage of all the web has to offer. I encourage you to start or continue working through the practice exercises at Khan Academy, to watch and work through problems on Brightstorm, to engage the latest and greatest TED videos, or to create a game or animation using Scratch .

I just read this article on why nerds win!

Here is an updated list of what I think is cool on the web as a I discover it. Let me know if you agree or if you thought something I found was particularly interesting.

This is my twitter feed and the #mathchat feed. Yes, I think about education and math all the time and am listening and discussing it all the time! If you like, follow what is recently going on in #mathchat or with me.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Final Four

We are now in "The Final Four" days of school! Please find the weeks in-class review that we will be doing as well as the links to other study materials available online and on this blog! Please make a study plan and remember to check-in with me during the study sessions being offered after and during school. Special thanks to CCS for their excellent curriculum materials!

Do Nows for the week (with solutions at the end of each tab)!
Systems of Equations (Monday)
Quadratics (Tuesday)
Polynomials (Wednesday)
Rationals (Thursday)

Finals Review Packets:
Final Review Packet 1Final Review Packet 2Final Review Packet 3

Please remember that on the FINALS tab above I have placed online exams as well as other study aids to help you prepare finals.

In addition, your peers in precalculus have posted sample problems, videos, and presentations that can help you prepare for your final. Check out there website too!

Lastly for finals resources, you have all the video resources posted at BrightStorm and KhanAcademy to help you review the material when you are not with myself or someone else who can review the math with you.

SCRATCH BONUS: Scratch projects are due June 17th. You must send me a link to your scratch e-mail by the end of the school day on June 17th to be considered for credit.

KHAN BONUS: I will check Khan Academy one last time on the 20th of June. You have until then to log in your practice!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 39

This is the last week of radical functions and we will be focusing on their graphs (square root and cube root functions only). June 9th we will have our last exam of the quarter!!! Prepare, prepare.

Here is a complete review of radicals with answers at the end for your perusal (will be worked on in class Wednesday)

Blank Guided Notes (special thanks to CCS):

Reference Sheet:

*Khan Academy Videos
Simplifying Radical Expressions 1
Simplifying Radical Expressions 2
Simplifying Radical Expressions 3
Solving Radical Equations 1
Solving Radical Equations 2
Solving Radical Equations 3
*Brightstorm Videos
Roots and Radicals (set of videos)

Homework: (odd answers at end of document!)