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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Building Quadratics and Revisiting Polynomials

Precalculus will be perfecting their algebraic and graphical skills around polynomial functions, but the real aim is mathematical argument.  You will be expected to apply the theorems and properties of polynomial functions to make arguments and justify conclusions or debunk others.  It should be a different look at a good ol' Algebra II topic that will enable you to show mastery in a slightly different way.

 Find the reference sheets as well as powerpoints in the embedded folder below using Box.

Polynomial Function Reference Sheets:

HOMEWORK: ________________________________________________________________________
Algebra II will be digging deep into quadratics all the way till holiday break.  As always, please find the Powerpoint slides to the work being done, copies of the classwork, and homework (classwork and homework are from Weiler's Algebra 2).  In addition, check out the simulation below as well as the video links to the topics we are covering!  Enjoy.

Click on any of the following to get what you want!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Break Videos and Videographics

Please find some incredible videos for your viewing pleasure over the long weekend.  Enjoy the time without homework, but if you find yourself interested in some intellectually stimulating videos I have included some suggestions below.  Scan through them and find one that you find compelling!
Those students interested in previewing the material for the coming weeks can find the slide shows here:
Precalculus (from Pearson):
Algebra II (from Holt):

Credit Crisis:

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Computer Programmers go to War:

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

Gulf Oil Spill by the Numbers:

12 Year Old App Designer:

Optical Illusions:

Schools Kill Creativity by Ken Robinson:

Brain Magic:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Turkey Bowl and Alumni Day

Enjoy the Thanksgiving infographic below! Math and Thanksgiving, like everything else, go hand-in-hand.


Next Wednesday is a truly wonderful day @BCCStoCollege. I hope we all will welcome our past graduates and listen to their experiences and adventures from college or the workforce. Please ask them many questions and try to learn as much as you can from their stories about life after BCCS. All of you will be in there place in four years or less, believe it or not! In addition, the traditional Turkey Bowl will be taking place at Moakley Field and it looks like team 2 (my team) has a chance. Nevertheless, it is a short week and will be begin our exams on Tuesday and finish them on Wednesday, if time allows.

Precalculus will finalize symmetry, function behavior, and transformations and show what they know on the upcoming exam.

Here are links to the homework for next week:
Transformations Homework

Reference Sheets and Powerpoints:

Algebra 2 will finalize systems of linear equations and their application in a variety of contexts.  The homework for this week is basic practice problems and is a "bare" minimum competency problem set.

Here are links to the homework for next week (from @mathfortress):
Systems of Equations
Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables
Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities

Reference Sheets and Powerpoints:

Credit: Gary Larson

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Transformations and Systems of Inequalities

Transformations will continue in Precalculus with even more difficult problems coming your way!  I encourage you to review your notes nightly until you can, without hesitation, describe a single transformation and the order of transformations.  These are simple tasks if you take it one transformation at a time.  At the end of the week will refocus on our attention on common characteristics of functions such as symmetry, end behavior, etc.  The homework is posted with odd solutions to help you navigate this, at times challenging, homework assignment. Beneath the table is a link to a new set of videos/animations you may find more engaging or interesting if you need to review the material.

Pearson Powerpoints Text Examplars: Classwork: Homework (from University of Houston) Reference Sheet (from fortress math)

Precalculus animations/review from Cengage Learning:
Transformations of Graphs and Functions
Nonrigid Transformations of Functions
Algebra 2 will apply their problem solving abilities to three-variable systems as well as revisit some of the classic simultaneous equation problems.  Given that I will be working outside of the building on Wednesday and  we have no school on Thursday, this will be a short work with a great deal of perfecting of our basic skills.  We will return to systems when we add polynomial functions to the mix so master the skills now!

Please find some relevant resources below:
Solving by Graphing Powerpoint Homework
Reference Sheet 1
Reference Sheet 2

Problems for homework with one student's action plan:
Brightstorm Videos:
These videos are aligned to the sections from your textbook, so as you are completing homework from your textbook you can easily locate the most relevant videos for you!

Also check out the videos recently posted by LearnZillion. They provide a nice basic overview of the underlying skills.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Transformations of Functions and Applications of Systems of Equations

Algebra 2 will be moving into applications of systems of equations that will range from profit, cost, and revenue, to mixtures, to numerical relationships, to planes, trains, and automobiles. It should be a good solid honing of your equation writing skills as well as your ability to manipulate equations. I look forward to lively debate, self-reflection, and solid revisions of you personal approaches as we go through the problem-solving process together. Please find some relevant resources below:
Solving by Graphing PowerpointHomework
(from the University of Houston)                          
Reference Sheet 1
Reference Sheet 2

Brightstorm Videos:
These videos are aligned to the sections from your textbook, so as you are completing homework from your textbook you can easily locate the most relevant videos for you! _______________________________________________________________________
Please find the upcoming material for Precalculus the next week or so!
We have also started reading short articles at the beginning of class and hope that connecting math to the everyday newsfeed has been interesting and revealing. Here is what we have been reading and will read!
CBO Blog-Trends in the Distribution of Income
UPI News-7 billion people is a 'serious challenge'

PHYSORG-Fighting violent gang crime with math
Washington Post: Want to earn more money? Study STEM.
Google Blog: The bright side of sitting in traffic: Crowdsourcing road congestion data

Our work on transformations thus far!
Gallery Walk Conclusions:

Our formalizations of our gallery walk:

Pearson Powerpoints Text Examplars: Classwork: Homework Reference Material

Parent function "analysis" files with template (modified from Pete Falzone)

Videos on Transformations: 
Brightstorm Videos