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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Transformations of Functions and Applications of Systems of Equations

Algebra 2 will be moving into applications of systems of equations that will range from profit, cost, and revenue, to mixtures, to numerical relationships, to planes, trains, and automobiles. It should be a good solid honing of your equation writing skills as well as your ability to manipulate equations. I look forward to lively debate, self-reflection, and solid revisions of you personal approaches as we go through the problem-solving process together. Please find some relevant resources below:
Solving by Graphing PowerpointHomework
(from the University of Houston)                          
Reference Sheet 1
Reference Sheet 2

Brightstorm Videos:
These videos are aligned to the sections from your textbook, so as you are completing homework from your textbook you can easily locate the most relevant videos for you! _______________________________________________________________________
Please find the upcoming material for Precalculus the next week or so!
We have also started reading short articles at the beginning of class and hope that connecting math to the everyday newsfeed has been interesting and revealing. Here is what we have been reading and will read!
CBO Blog-Trends in the Distribution of Income
UPI News-7 billion people is a 'serious challenge'

PHYSORG-Fighting violent gang crime with math
Washington Post: Want to earn more money? Study STEM.
Google Blog: The bright side of sitting in traffic: Crowdsourcing road congestion data

Our work on transformations thus far!
Gallery Walk Conclusions:

Our formalizations of our gallery walk:

Pearson Powerpoints Text Examplars: Classwork: Homework Reference Material

Parent function "analysis" files with template (modified from Pete Falzone)

Videos on Transformations: 
Brightstorm Videos

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