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Thursday, March 15, 2012

End of Polynomials and Logarithms

Both Algebra II and Precalculus are wrapping up lengthy units in polynomials and logarithms respectively. Precalculus will move onto trigonometric functions and Algebra II will move onto a small unit on rational functions.  As the functions come and go, it appears that students are understanding the basic but sometimes conceptually complicated life of functions.

Algebra II will complete one more week focused on "modeling."  I am hoping to be explicit and use the rich and full framework developed in the common core state standards: 

The homework is from your textbook:  pp. 375-377 #1-53 and pp. 380-382 #1-45.  If you are still feeling a bit lost when it comes to polynomials you can check your textbook and the accompanying video series.  Algebra 2 Videos linked to your textbook (we are in chapter 7!).

Here is a refresher video on how to enter data, plot data, and calculate a regression:

Precalculus will complete logarithms next week by engaging a series of applied problem scenarios.  The homework is a combination of review and application--see below.