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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Building Quadratics and Revisiting Polynomials

Precalculus will be perfecting their algebraic and graphical skills around polynomial functions, but the real aim is mathematical argument.  You will be expected to apply the theorems and properties of polynomial functions to make arguments and justify conclusions or debunk others.  It should be a different look at a good ol' Algebra II topic that will enable you to show mastery in a slightly different way.

 Find the reference sheets as well as powerpoints in the embedded folder below using Box.

Polynomial Function Reference Sheets:

HOMEWORK: ________________________________________________________________________
Algebra II will be digging deep into quadratics all the way till holiday break.  As always, please find the Powerpoint slides to the work being done, copies of the classwork, and homework (classwork and homework are from Weiler's Algebra 2).  In addition, check out the simulation below as well as the video links to the topics we are covering!  Enjoy.

Click on any of the following to get what you want!

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