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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 6

Exam this week! Algebra II courses will have their exam on Tuesday, September 28 and Precalculus will have their exam on Wednesday, September 29th!. Please review all of the notes and problem sets you have accrued.

Algebra II:
Here are a set of videos that review some of the basic concepts on the upcoming exam. Let me know if they help! In addition, please find a copy of the entire set of notes we completed together in class here*:

Please find the homework embedded below!

Click on the topics below to reach the video:
Domain and Range
Function Notation
Composition of Functions

Algebra II Homework:

I have also included some review videos for precalculus and your homework for the week is located below.

Click on the topics below to reach the video:
Parent Functions Overview
Transformations part 1
Transformations Part 2
Transformations part 3
Piecewise Functions

Precalculus Homework:

*These notes are from the University of Houston, which has a proactive math department that provides students with great mathematical tools and supports!

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