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Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 19

Professional Development Day:
The start of our first week back from break begins with all your fantastic teachers preparing for the second half of the year. Unbeknown to many students is the fact that we, teachers, are constantly trying to improve what we do everyday, and here is the kicker, we are trying to improve to help you! So, on Monday, each teacher will try to improve, edit, and/or ponder what they do for YOU.

One group of teachers are going to look at blogs, clickers, and bloom's digital taxonomy. Here is the blogging powerpoint to be shared with teachers, but blogs are also a tool for students as well. Maybe one of you will start a blog?

Here is the link to a glogster version of bloom's taxonomy.

Lastly, here is a "pipe" I constructed to sort feeds on charter news (still a work in progress). Click here.

Algebra II CP will be preparing for midterms next week and will focus on function notation for the early part of this week and transition to our set of familiar functions.

The best and easiest review is to return to the previous mammoth homework! Here it is again for you!

Honors Algebra II will be heading into conics in a fast and furious fashion and will start with the most fundamental of the conics, the circle. This will be an entirely new conceptual space given that circles (and nearly all the other conics) are not functional relationships.

Distance and Midpoint Powerpoint:

Circles Powerpoint:

Precalculus will be returning to and expanding upon their ability to interpret the relationship between the formal eqaution of an exponential function and its graph. After firming up our basic understanding of exponential behavior we will redefine exponents using logarithms.

Exponential Functions Powerpoint:

Classwork Exponential Functions Problem Set:

Logarithms Powerpoint:

Logarithms Problem Set due January 14th:

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