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Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 24

Everyone is back! Third quarter is in full swing and you all currently have a clean slate.

Please find the lengthy Algebra II guided notes attached below. I will, as we complete it in class, post the completed version online as well. These notes will serve as the backbone of the coming weeks and hopefully will give you the ability to both review what we are doing as well as preview what is coming up (The guided notes come from Mrs. Brown at Carmel High School--Thank you!) I will also post a link to videos that deal with all aspects of polynomials so that you can progress through the next few weeks with other voices on these topics.

Guided Notes:

Complete Guided Notes:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Polynomial Videos

Algebra II Honors is wrapping up conic sections! I'm sure everyone is happy about that. Please find next weeks homework below:


Precalculus is wrapping up exponential and Logarithmic functions! Please find the application problem set and test review below. We will be doing a great deal of application problems over the next few weeks, so get prepared.

Application Problem Packet:

Test Review Packet:

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Videos

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