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Monday, April 2, 2012

Starting Trigonometry and Rational Functions



Precalculus is starting the descent into the intricate, beautiful, and wonderful world of trigonometry.  We will spend the remaining time this year exploring triangles and how they become a window into the periodic behavior of tides, light, and even crankshafts!  The two applets above capture the conceptual essence of what we are building together over the next week--reflect on them and start to SEE the trigonometry.

The homework is due Monday the 9th of April and should generally be a review of trigonometric ratios with a couple twists.

Algebra II
begins the brief introduction to rational functions and will focus on the interconnections between the graphical, algebraic, and tabular representations of this function. Please find some of the powerpoints on these topics below:

The homework is centered on graphing of rational functions and requires more time than it looks! Be diligent.

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