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Monday, August 20, 2012

Modeling Linear Functions

The emphasis of Algebra 2 this year will be mathematics and modeling.  Here is a general diagram that overviews the modeling cycle:
Here are some examples of modeling to get you thinking about mathematical models:
  • Estimating how much water and food is needed for emergency relief in a devastated city of 3 million people, and how it might be distributed.
  • Planning a table tennis tournament for 7 players at a club with 4 tables, where each player plays against each other player.
  • Designing the layout of the stalls in a school fair so as to raise as much money as possible.
  • Analyzing stopping distance for a car.
  • Modeling savings account balance, bacterial colony growth, or investment growth.
  • Engaging in critical path analysis, e.g., applied to turnaround of an aircraft at an airport.
  • Analyzing risk in situations such as extreme sports, pandemics, and terrorism.
  • Relating population statistics to individual predictions.

The first week and a half will be reviewing linear functions as tools to model the relationship between two quantities with an emphasis on distance vs. time relationships.  Please find the syllabus, course overview, and self assessment embedded below.

Documents from our first unit are embedded below:

Please do not forget to complete the following things listed in the syllabus by Friday of this week:

Required Online Registration for the following:

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