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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Function Notation and Intrerpretation

After reviewing the basics of linear equations, linear systems of equations and inequalities, and quadratic equations, we are going to step by back and look at the larger idea of function.  Here is Salman Khan's (of Khan Academy) introduction to functions video (you can continue to watch his series on functions by clicking here):
Introduction to functions: An introduction to functions.

Here is the basic presentation of the technical side of functions and function notation that we will be navigating over the next 8-10 days:
Here are the series of conceptual tasks we will be going through over the next week that build the general idea of a function from understanding points to understanding the relationship between two values. Please click on the link below to see or print the class tasks we will be investigating (scaffolded document from Language of Functions and Graphs):
Tasks 1 - 4:  Interpreting Points and Sketching Graphs from Words
Tasks 1 - 4:  Interpreting Functions in Situations

Please find the homework embedded in the folder below:
Homework due Friday November 2nd are the files "Space Station," "Painted Cubes," and "Distance and Time"
Homework due Friday November 9th are the files "Community Park," "Bathing the Dog," "Walking the Yo-Yo," "Extracurricular Activities, and "Nesting Rectangles."
Homework Due Friday November 16th are Tasks 2 and 3 of Interpreting Functions in Situations.
Homework Due Friday November 30th are Functions and Function Notation and Quadratic Tasks (from the Dana Center Assessments)

Basics of Functions Powerpoint:

Those pursuing Khan Academy Practice may reference these workflow sheets based on topics of interest to help you "know" which ones to do!
Creating and Solving Linear Equations
Linear Functions
Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Quadratic functions

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