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Monday, February 4, 2013

Be Rational!


Click on the graphs above to interact with and see the relationship between algebraic definitions of functions and their graphical representations.  As we progress through this unit your algebraic, numerical, and graphical understanding of this function should be deepened and allow you to apply your understanding of the behavior to rational functions in a modeling context.  This unit will focus on simple rational functions with a special emphasis on modeling rates, average cost, and geometric ratios.

The homework of this unit will continue to push and develop your ability to interpret functions in their graphical context.  The homework can be accessed from this link: visualizing relationships.

TenMarks does have a series of problem sets on rational functions so please take advantage of the.practice and review available there.

Here is a link to one set of videos on rational functions to give you a brief exposure to the content and a walk-through of a few problems.

The PowerPoint presentations that supports the work of this unit is embedded below:

General Overview Graphing Rational Functions (in depth) Classic Word Problems

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