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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 12

Precalculus continues their mastery of polynomials, with specific attention to roots and zeros of poly's. Here is a pic of a quartic polynomial, one of the polynmials will be looking at this week. If you have a chance, please pre-read the slides for polynomials. It will help you understand the material SO much more the coming week. You should start with 3.5 and finish with 3.8


Reference Sheets:



In Algebra II we will have an exam on Tuesday involving both the raw mathematics around solving systems of linear equations as well as traditional applications of systems. This exam, like those previous, will require you to understand systems numerically, graphically, and algebraically.

We will be starting our next polynomial function, quadratics, on Wednesday. Here is a pic of the graph of a quadratic called a parabola. Please find the short powerpoint on the graphs of quadratics, a reference sheet (we will complete it on Wednesday and I'll post the completed version then), as well as the homework! If you want to preview the upcoming material on quadratics the link below takes you to an excellent online text that describes them in detail!


Graphic Organizer Reference Sheet:


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