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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quarter 2 (week 13)

We have officially moved into Quarter 2 and all of you (students) have a clean slate. It is important to remember what that means for you! Your grades from first quarter do not carry over to second quarter and that whatever you earn from this point forward will only average into your second quarter grade. Whether you have high or low first quarter marks, second quarter is a whole new world.

This week we will not have class on Wednesday for parent-teacher conferences and Thursday I will be away presenting at Amistad-Elm City High School. Thursday will be a day for independent practice and should be seen as an opportunity for much needed practice.

Algebra II started with some introductory descriptions of quadratic functions last week and are moving onto how to manipulate functions algebraically and how algebraic moments appear graphically. We will progress through the guided notes embedded below and as we explore them together I will post screenshots of our progress!
For Day 1 and 2 notes filled-in click
Reference sheets:


Precalculus will be continuing and finalizing their review of polynomial functions. We will look at college textbooks and their treatment of the topic as well as curve-fitting using polynomial regression. It is a short week so it will be a quick look.


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