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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 14

Algebra II is continuing with quadratics focusing on differing factoring methods and always connecting the consequences of algebraic manipulations on the graphical representation of a parabola. I have included the factoring help sheet that I handed out a week ago! Please use this to help you make decisions about how to factor a particular polynomial.

Reference Sheet:

Factoring Powerpoint:

Video Clips:
Review of Factoring
Factoring Complicated Expressions

1. LTF Area of Bounded Regions due November 23rd (hard copy only)
2. Thumbnail below is homework due December 3rd.


Precalculus will continue with polynomial expressions and focus on polynomial regression and modeling. This will rely heavily on the use of technology and interpreting outputs from technology. A keystroke guide to regression is represented as a thumbnail immediately below:


(LTF Document)


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