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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 26

Algebra II will continue to dig deeper into polynomials and head directly in to synthetic division and an introduction to both the Factor Theorem and the Remainder Theorem. While this will seem "difficult" and "new" it is only a restatement of how division fundamentally works only with variables. So, consider it a return to 5th and 6th grade when you first explored division and apply what you learned then to what you are learning now! I have included reference sheets that summarize much of the concepts in order to focus your attention on the most important skills.

Polynomial Guided Notes:

Completed Polynomial Notes in the previous week:

Polynomial Note Guide, part 7

Polynomial Note Guide, part 8

Reference Sheets:

Quadratic Formula and Completing the Square:

Friday HW CP:

Friday HW H:

Precalculus will continue to lay the foundations of trigonometry by returning to special right triangles and the six trigonometric ratios they learned in Geometry. We will begin to build the unit circle by the end of the week. Here are the notes that will enable you to engage the homework and which we will review at the beginning of the week.

Special Right Triangls and the Six Trigonometric Ratios:

Radians Arc Length, and the Area of a Sector


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