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Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 27

Algebra II will continue with our examination of polynomial functions, and start to integrate the algebraic, tabular/numeric, and graphical dimensions more directly. Please find a two summary documents on polynomials below that will help us structure the conversation in a concise user-friendly way.

Factoring a Polynomial Using its Graph

Finding Zeros of Polynomials

Polynomial Guided Notes:

Completed Polynomial Notes in the previous week:

Completed Polynomial Notes for this week:
Polynomial Note Guide, part 9

Polynomial Note Guide, part 10

Polynomial Note Guide, part 11

Homework with odd answers:

Saturday School work:

Links to videos on Polynomials
Polynomials, Part I
Polynomials, Part II

Precalculus will start to build the unit circle and develop their concept of trigonometric ratios beyond that of 180 degrees. This will serve as the building block for our transition to trigonometric functions.

Radians, arc length, and the area of a sector:

Central angles, arcs, and angular velocity

Unit Circle Notes:

Precalculus HW:

Precalculus Saturday School:

Precalculus videos on TRIGONOMETRY

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