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Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 28

Algebra II will continue investigating polynomials and fully merge the graphical with the algebraic. It should be exciting. Please remember to bring your graphing calculators to class everyday. We are going to rely on them an increasing amount from her to the end of the unit. This coming Thursday we will have an exam in order to break up this large unit a bit. Reference sheets will be able to be used!

Blank Polynomial Notes:

Completed Polynomial Notes from previous weeks:

Polynomial Notes Supplement

Reference Sheets:

Videos on Polynomials
Polynomials, part I
Polynomials, part II
Imaginary Numbers

Algebra II HW with odd answers


Precalculus will be continuing their work with the unit circle and increasing their level of comfort with it. By the end of next week we will begin to develop the idea of a trigonometric function through our new unit circle informed eyes. It should be awesome, really!
Reflect on the following widget--it is the whole of trigonometry.



Unit Circle Notes:

Trigonometric Identities Notes:


Trigonometry Videos:

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