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Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 30

The Abel prize was awarded last week to John Milnor for his work in topology. It is an annual prize that recognizes innovative thinkers in mathematics and comes with a $1,000,000 award. The two-dimensional picture of a seven-dimensional sphere below demonstrates some of the work for which Milnor was recognized.

Algebra II's month long journey deep into the heart of polynomials is coming to an end this Thursday. Please find the test review posted below. We will be completing this in class on Tuesday and Wednesday--answers are at the end of this document! The exam will be answering some essential questions about polynomials, which will only be posted here for your perusal--start thinking.

1. How many max's or min's could an even degrees polynomial have? How few can it have?
2. Could a polynomial have two max's, but no local minimums?
3. If a polynomial has two max's and two min's, can it be of odd degree? can it be of even degree?
4. Can a polynomial have local max's or min's without having any real zeros?
5. Why must every polynomial of odd degree have at least one real zero?
6. Can a polynomial have two distinct real zeros and no local max's or min's?
7. Can an x-intercept yield a local max or min? Can it yield an absolute max or min?
8. If the y-intercept yields is the lowest point the polynomial reaches, what can we say about the degree of the polynomial and the sign of the leading coefficient?

Test ReviewHomework:

Saturday School 5.2:

Precalculus will finish with solving trigonometric equations and have an exam over basic trig identities, the unit circle, and trigonometric equations! The homework is short this week, but be diligent. Exam Thursday!!

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Login with a gmail account or a facebook account
Step 3: Once your logged in, at the bottom of the screen is a link to "Add a Coach"--click it!
Step 4. Add me as your coach! My ID is my e-mail address is
Start with addition and advance!

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