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Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 31

Fourth Quarter is now here. Your grade from the first three quarters cannot be changed--the only thing you can control, as a student, is your grade fourth quarter. Please, scholars, do thy best to finish strong. A great way to keep your basic skills up as we move through fourth quarter and prepare thyself for finals is to login at and keep marching through the exercises.

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Algebra II begins rational functions, which are graphically somewhat different than previous functions, but they nevertheless require a great deal of the skills we have been building all year. Factoring fun will remain a large part of our life. Here are two graphical examples of rational functions:

To explore the graphs of rational functions try this applet.

Rational Expressions and Functions, part I
Rational Expressions and Functions, part II

Rational Functions Blank Note Guide and Graphing Powerpoint:

Reference Sheet:


Saturday School:

Precalculus is ending the year with a bang. We are investigating the graphs of the six trigonometric functions and the unique types of behavior they can model. The coming week we will start with graphing sin(x), cos(x), and possibly tan(x). We will be relying on a curriculum that can be found online here. Here is a graph of sin(x):

File:Tan drawing process.gif

To explore transformations of sine functions try this applet.

Trigonometry Videos


Saturday School:

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