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Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 32

Algebra 2 finalizes their investigation and construction of the graphs of rational functions. It is absolutely essential to make the connection between the algebraic manipulations and understandings of these functions and their graphs. I will be away from school both Thursday and Friday of next week trying to learn how to better use the SmartBoard (you know I need that). Remember to take advantage of the exercise practice at Please find a rather complicated rational function below. The steps to graphing it can be found here.

Graphing Rational Functions Powerpoint:

Operations with Rational Expressions Guided Notes:

Reference Sheets:

Rational Function Videos:
Asymptotes of Rational Functions
Rational Function Example
Another Rational Function Example!

Homework with odd solutions:

Final Review Packets:

Precalculus is going to continue with sine and cosine functions in the attempt at mastering all the different transformations that result in changes in amplitude, vertical shift, phase shift and period. The change in one parameter, amplitude, is captured in the image below:

Transformations of sine functions

Plotting a Sine or Cosine Wave

Khan Academy videos:
Graphs of trigonometric functions
More graphs of trig functions!

Precalculus Homework:

Final Review Packets:

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