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Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 35

Algebra II will be doing some exploration of rational functions from The College Board. One is intended to review their prior knowledge of rational functions and apply it to solve a problem. The other is a review of polynomials applied to running a business and analyzing profit, revenue, and cost. I hope they enjoy it!! See the graph at right from the Rodale Institute explanation of effective pricing.

As promised, I have included a fourth quarter bonus project that allows interested students to get credit as well as learn some of the basics of computer programming using MIT's Scratch. Here is a on all aspects of the program as well as a wiki hosted by scratch that contains examples for blocks of code. Please find the project outline attached below. If you have any further questions just e-mail me!

Algebra II and Precalculus both have exams on Monday!!! Please take some time this weekend to prepare. Use the information on the blog from previous posts to help guide your studies.

Algebra II review packet:

The homework for this week is solving rational equations, which will help you review all the basic operations involved with rational expressions as well as solve them.

Precalculus is reviewing for finals and getting geared up for a strong finish. The link below are some self-practice tests on the topics we covered this year. There are alse paper and pencil tests that have keys as well if you don't want to stay online to take the web-based exams.

Practice Exams, 1
Practice Exams, 2
Practice Exams, 3

 Here are two previous exams from early in the year to start reviewing!

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