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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 36

Algebra II embarks on a new and what will be our final function, the radical function. It is another example of a function with a restricted domain as well as a different pattern of growth than our family of polynomials. We will work this week on our exponent rules and try to solidify your ability to accurately perform operations with expressions that contain rational exponents. Please find guided notes below as well as relevant videos and online resources. For online practice or general resources please check the tabs at the top of the screen entitled, "online practice" and "online resources". Every week until June 17th, I will post the Scratch project guidelines and a link to a scratch reference guide. This project is available to all juniors for bonus.

Blank Guided Notes (special thanks to CCS):

Reference Sheet:

Simplifying Radical Expressions 1
Simplifying Radical Expressions 2
Simplifying Radical Expressions 3


Scratch Project:
Reference GuideProject Outline

Precalculus is reviewing for finals and getting geared up for a strong finish. The link below are some self-practice tests on the topics we covered this year. There are alse paper and pencil tests that have keys as well if you don't want to stay online to take the web-based exams. Also, don't forget about Khan Academy--a good place to review those basic skills.

Practice Exams, 1
Practice Exams, 2
Practice Exams, 3

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