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Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 37-38

Our build up to radical functions continues with an exploration of operations with radical expressions as well as how to solve radical equations algebraically. Please find a copy of the guided notes as well as the current smartboard snapshots of the completed notes. IF anybody can tell me what this picture is demonstrating I will give you mega bonus!

Blank Guided Notes (special thanks to CCS):

Reference Sheet:

*Khan Academy Videos
Simplifying Radical Expressions 1
Simplifying Radical Expressions 2
Simplifying Radical Expressions 3
Solving Radical Equations 1
Solving Radical Equations 2
Solving Radical Equations 3
*Brightstorm Videos
Roots and Radicals (set of videos)


Global Studies Layered Assessment
LOGO Contest Help:

Scratch Project:
Reference GuideProject Outline

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