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Friday, September 2, 2011

Graphical Solutions and Algebra Basics

In Precalculus we will finish our brief overview of lines and modeling and move onto a conceptual analysis of solutions in all of their many forms.  As shown in the pictures above we will be leaning on technology to conceptualize solutions to equations primarily in their tabular and graphical forms.

We will be finishing some of the remaining PowerPoint slides* from last week and moving onto a new set.  Please find both of them below (start with the tab ppt1 for both) as well as two reference sheets on systems of linear equations:

Video Resources at Brightstorm:
Graphs of Linear Equations
Systems of Equations

Exemplars from Textbook (start with Exemplar 1)
Homework (due September 9, 2011): 
pp. 41-44, #1-19 evens; pp. 54-56, #1-22; pp. 70-72, #1-45. 


In Algebra II we will continue with our algebra basic review* and move onto a review of factoring, rational expressions, and radicals. I have included the set of powerpoints below as well as resources on the "rules" around these different basic algebra concepts. The algebra cheat sheet is from Paul's Online Math Notes.

Video Resources at Brightstorm:
Factoring Methods
Rational Exponents
Exponent Rules
More on Exponent Rules

Homework (due September 9, 2011): 
 pp. 226-228, #1-65 all; pp. 37-39, #1-58 all

 *Powerpoints are modified from 2007 Pearson text.

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