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Friday, September 9, 2011

Matrices and more algebra basics

Precalculus will venture from algebraic manipulation of three variable linear systems using "elimination" and "substitution" and venture into the properties, characteristics, and application of matrices to multivariable linear systems. This adventure will be facilitated by a good dose of reasoning and technology. The basic key strokes associated with entering and solving matrices can be found here. We will go over instructions for this in class in greater detail. Please find both the PowerPoint slide shows for the coming week as well as relevant fact sheets and homework.

Slides: Text Examplars: TI-83 Guide (see ch. 10-pp.167-182) Class Examples

Brightstorm Videos:
Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices

pp. 76-77 #8-22; pp. 82-85, #1-54; pp. 102, #14-26
Algebra II will continue their review of basic algebra concepts by steaming on into the concept of factoring. We will loop back to concepts of number, especially as it pertains to exponents and radicals, and apply these concepts to sums and differences of terms as they emerge in polynomials. The image above is the factorization of a fifth degree polynomial, which shows that the expression has three distinct factors with one factor having a multiplicity of two. The irreducible factorization of the polynomial will not be covered in this basics review, but we will emerge in our study of polynomials over the coming months. Please find the PowerPoint slides as well as reference sheets and homework below:

Slides: Factoring Reference Sheet Factoring Flowchart

Brightstorm Videos:

These videos are aligned to the sections from your textbook, so as you are completing homework from your textbook you can easily locate the most relevant videos for you!

pp. 260-261 #1-63; pp.242-243 #1-45; pp. 247-248#1-59.

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