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Friday, September 16, 2011

Solving Systems with Matrices and Factoring Expressions

                                         Factoring Flowchart Image Link

Precalculus will begin applying matrices to the solution of systems of equations.  It is an exciting week!  Please find the slides for the upcoming week below (starting with ppt5), a keystroke guide for matrices, as well as the homework.  We will have another investigation from the College Board's Springboard materials.  We completed "Gems in the Matrix" and "How Much Wood Do You Need," and will end with an investigation of mixtures.  Continue to focus on argument and explaining how matrices can help us manage and manipulate large sets of information.

Slides: Text Examplars: TI-83 Guide (see ch. 10-pp.167-182)

Khan Academy Video:
Matrices to solve a system of equations

Brightstorm Video:
Solving linear systems using matrices  (this is a link to four videos that start with previous topics and build to the final topic of solving systems with matrices)

pp. 103-104 #27-52, pp. 119-122 #1-48, pp. 124-125 #1-10
Algebra II will hone their factoring skills and will be introduced to the basics of rational expressions.  After next week algebraic basics is over and we will be moving onto linear functions and piecewise functions.  Please find the notes from the week below (factoring is ppt2), factoring reference sheets, and the homework.

Slides: Factoring Reference Sheet Factoring Flowchart

Brightstorm Videos:

These videos are aligned to the sections from your textbook, so as you are completing homework from your textbook you can easily locate the most relevant videos for you!

Handouts taken from XYZ Custom+.  Completes the multiples of three, please.


  1. I am unable to understand the Factorizing flowchart.So please explain me about the flow in this flowchart.

  2. Which one? The pdf or the picture at the top?