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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School 2013-2014

Greetings Scholars.  Happy you have landed here to check-in and see what resources, notes, and info I may have for you (also to fill in the student information form, etc. all listed below).  These first few weeks we will be spending the majority of our time developing a deep understanding of what habits can allow any of us to be great thinkers and, specifically, mathematicians.  We will, together, reflect on what is working and why.  I hope to huddle our thoughts around these, but look forward to adding more as we solve problems together:

  • Try some simple cases
  • Find/Create a helpful diagram
  • Organize systematically
  • Make a table
  • Spot patterns
  • Use the patterns
  • Find a general rule or equation
  • Explain why it works
  • Check regularly

I look forward to learning about and solving problems together these first few weeks. Below are a few things I have asked you to do to get started with A2 this year: (1) Complete Student Information Form (2) Sign-up for Khan Academy and add me as your coach (, my coaches code is 3ZK6YK) (3) Login in to TenMarks with your ID and (4) sign-up for Remind 101.  I know, it sounds like a great deal, but all of it will help us toward our ultimate goal of learning math together this year.

(1) Student Information Form:

(2) Khan Academy ... add me as your coach! (, my coaches code is 3ZK6YK)
Video to help you with adding me as your coach!

(3) TenMarks (registration will occur after September 1)

(4) Remind101 Registration.  Click here for directions!

Thank you for checking-in and registering for some of the tools we will be using this year as we learn and explore math together!

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