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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Persevering in Problem Solving
Over the next three weeks we are going to grow in our problem-solving skills and slowly gain a toolkit of strategies and entry points for the problems that we will solve over the course of the year.  [If you still need to complete the student information form, sign-up for Khan Academy, or register at Remind 101 go to the previous post for that information].  The strategies I would like for you to keep in mind are the following:
  • Try some simple cases
  • Find/Create a helpful diagram
  • Organize systematically
  • Make a table
  • Spot patterns
  • Use the patterns
  • Find a general rule or equation
  • Explain why it works
  • Check regularly
Please find the homework that is due next Tuesday at the link below:
Pond Borders, Sorts, and Diagonals

Remember that as you are completing these that you are thinking about our aims around communication and reasoning:

Communication Strategies and Reasoning
1. I understood what you did and why you did it.
2. Your solution was well organized and easy to
3. Your solution flowed logically from one step to
the next.
4. You used an effective format for communicating.
5. Your mathematical representations helped clarify
your solution.
6. You used mathematical terminology correctly.
1. You chose appropriate, efficient strategies for solving the problem.
2. You justified each step of your work.
3. Your representation(s) fit the task.
4. The logic of your solution was apparent.
5. Your process would lead to a complete, correct solution of the problem.
6. The evidence you showed clearly supported your solution.

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